Do not let this happen to your dog ever!

Do not let this happen to your dog ever!

Hot/Cold weather has claimed the lives of several unattended dogs across the country.

Years of care will be gone in minutes if you ignore her environment. No more pain seeing your beloved buddy ignored.


Dog Safety risks when traveling by RV !

1. RVs (unless they are plugged in) use a Diesel generator to power the appliances (like your microwave oven and Air conditioners)

2. RV generators are prone to failure and consume ~ 1 Gallon/hour of use.

3. If you leave your Dog/Pet in the RV and if the DG fails, the temperature inside can reach over 100oF even when the temperature outside is just 75oF.

4. This rapid rise in temperature in the RV can in turn put your furry babies at extreme risk of Heatstrokes and related diseases.

5. Another common problem with your AC is the Freon leakage. It can increase and make the indoor temperature toxic if not addressed immediately.

temperature-chart-web temperature-chart-mobile

Heatstrokes can be fatal to Dogs !


Peace of Mind with Pet Monitor !

Monitor Pet’s Environment Temperature in Real-time.

  • Real-time update on Temperature, Humidity, and Heat Index.
  • Sends text/email alerts when there is a temperature excursion.
  • No Wi-Fi needed. Works over Cellular network.
  • Your Pet Protection wherever Verizon 4G goes.
  • Long lasting and rechargeable battery.
  • Android and iOS applications for remote monitoring.

Real time updates & Instant Alerts

Real time updates & Instant Alerts

  • Get instant text/email alerts within seconds if the temperature becomes critical for your Fido !
  • Your family members ( upto 5 ) can get instant alerts as well !
  • You also get alerted when the DG fails or if there is a power loss in your RV !
  • Our Pet Monitor continues to work for upto 2 days even when RV power is lost !

Pet Fitness, Services, Pet Guides & More!

Pet Fitness, Services, Pet Guides & More!

  • With the optional Furbit fitness monitor, track your Fido’s activity as well
  • Get access to useful pet services in your neighborhood thru the Waggle Pet App
  • Waggle Pet is packed with useful guides/blogs to make pet parenting fun & responsible ! - Learn More

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The Waggle's Pet Monitor 4G allows you to remotely keep an eye on the temperature in an RV or car whenever you leave your pets behind.

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Know the Temperature in Your RV to Keep Your Dogs safe! Monitor your pet's environment temperature and humidity in real-time.