5 Tips for ‘Love your Pet’ Day

Love your Pets Day

Did you know February 20 th, is the National Love your Pets Day? Are you looking for ways to celebrate your love with your four-legged companion? We are here to help you.

Get the boring things off and make your pets feel special. Express your love to your furry baby every day by following these tips. Try these ways and we are sure your furry baby will understand your care.

Learn the trick 

Well, this is not the trick used in ‘training’. This trick refers to something ‘you’ have to learn. Being a pet parent it’s important to understand your pet’s body language. Master the gestures and signs your pets show. It could be anxiety, love, happiness or an empty look.
To be more specific. For example, you do something interesting out of love. Your pet may or may not. Now to understand how your pet feels it’s important for you to know their body language. They might look at you with a “hate” look! But you might mistake it as “Love it” look.

So we literally can’t stress enough on ‘how important for you to understand your pet’s body language’.


We know it’s the time to celebrate your love. You planned a lot for your furry baby. But did you plan to give them ‘sound sleep time’? Sleep time matters a lot when coming to pet’s health. A healthy dog sleeps for an average of 12-14 hours a day. Is your furry baby sleeping.

Intellectual stimulation

Giving intellectual stimulation is important for pets particularly for senior pets. This is simple to do but very effective. Arrange your pet things like treats, toys, puzzles, chew food, etc., at different places. Ask them to search and get them. This makes them think and search for their favorite toys, etc. And give a treat when they find the hidden belongings.


We throw treats as rewards. But we should give ‘what they need’ rather than ‘what they want’. You see there is a big difference between ‘want’ and ‘need’! Treats should always be healthy and bond building. Treats need not be eatables always. It could be clothes, shoes or even a gadget.

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Dress up

If your furry baby is comfortable wearing a coat and shoes, go ahead. Dress up and make them look special because it’s ‘their’ day! Take a bunch of pictures with your pet and share to. If your pet doesn’t like to get dressed, go for shoes. Make them wear dog shoes. Train them how to walk with shoes because it saves your pet’s life during the summer heat.

Finally, you certainly don’t have to do a lot of stuff to make them feel special. ‘Love Your Pet’ Day is to create a bond with your furry baby. Try these tips and let us know your comments at email us.

Happy ‘Love your Pet’ Day.


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